Lake Sinclair
                                    Eatonton, Milledgeville, Sparta, GA.

Lake Sinclair is located along the fall line of Middle Georgia's Oconee River. Sinclair Dam was completed in
February 1953 and was named for B. W. Sinclair

Lake Sinclair has approximately 15,330 acres of water and over 400 miles of scenic shoreline. It is fed by the
waters of the Oconee River, Little River, and many large creeks. Lake Sinclair is a lake of many coves and inlets as
well as long stretches of open water. With a maximum depth at the dam of 90 feet.

Unlike many lakes, our water level remains fairly constant. The lake normally is at it's low point in the morning,
then slowly rises about 18 inches throughout the day. In the middle of the night water is pumped from Lake
Sinclair into Lake Oconee, dropping the level back about 18 inches.. The water on the East side tends to be a bit
more clear with larger expanses of water, while the property on the West side, for many, especially those
commuting from South Atlanta or Macon vicinities, makes for a much shorter commute.

The lake is situated in three counties, Baldwin, Putnam and Hancock.
                                                       Types of property ownership on Lake Sinclair

There are three types of property ownership on Lake Sinclair. Regardless of the type of ownership, what can be
built on the lake; seawalls, docks, boathouses, are managed and approved by GA. Power, and the guidelines and
standards of improvements are the same for all.

1) Fee Simple - Deeded property owned to the full pool level of the lake, which is 340 ft. above sea level
2) Fee Simple / Lease access strip - Deeded property owned to 10 ft. above full pool combined with the 10 ft.
between the deeded property and the lake full pool level. Think of it as a 10 ft. flood zone. This is 10 ft. in elevation,
not 10 measured feet. The lease access strip is leased for  $100.00 per year. The right of lease comes with ownership
of the attached property. There is no transfer fee.
3) Ga. Power leased lots - Ga. Power owns the lot and individuals lease the lot for a term of 15 years. The individual
has the right to renew the lease at the end of 15 years as long as they comply with the lease. The following
information was published and distributed by GA. Power Company in 2008.

                                     Requirements to transfer a GA. Power fully leased lot:

*  $3,000 Transfer fee        
*  Conditional Bill of Sale signed by seller and buyer (form supplied by Georgia Power.)
*  At the time of transfer, a recent "as-built survey" of the property -- plat 350' contour and 343' contour
--                         shoreline 340' at full pool. Size of all structures located on lot.
*  Make improvements necessary to lot and structures to present Georgia Power standards.
*  Call two (2) weeks in advance to set up appointment for transfer of lease.
2014 RATES
1st - 4th year-     $1,050.00  per year            10th-14th per year -$1,200.00                           
5th- 9th year - $1,100.00 per year                 15th year    $1,300.00 per year
NOTE:  Lessee will pay property taxes on the lot. Georgia Power  will mail the tax bill in June of each year.
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